Bakersfield Art Exhibition: Ouyang Nannan - oil painting sale

Shuiping Chen


Artist's profile: Ouyangnannan, lu xun academy of fine arts, member of Hong Kong international calligraphy painting association The 2016 issue of the Hong Kong publication, "the burning of the country" "Cross the Orient" in the Andy policy exhibition that year. 2013-14 years because of the influence of contemporary art master Mr Shen Shaomin, has carried on the back to art of thinking, "what is art", constantly thinking is the art of life existence significance. Whether we're doing art or the art of doing everything we love, it's a kind of happiness.

"Bear the dog"   50 by 60 centimeter 欧阳楠楠Ouyangnannan

"Hello, stewardess"   75 by 100 centimeter by Ouyangnannan


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